Day 86: Are There Some Neat Tools Out There For Us?

Day 86: Are there some neat tools out there for us?  Every once in a while I will do some shameless promotion.  Not very often, I promise.  We have some really cool tools for economic development organizations and for Chamber of Commerce.  First, we can make an app.  We have some canned apps at and  We also represent a great property database system, LocationOne Information System, LOIS. A really unique product is Map-N-Tour.   This software allows you to customize Google Earth to show off your community as if you were flying around.  The best software to help you organize your business retention and expansion visits is Synchronist.   We have another neat software that will compute a cities return on investment for an incentive, called Impact Data Source.   And lastly we have a suite of workforce products that are very unique.  We just rolled out the new website, www.skillsready.comAll of these products are priced competitively and we feel a must for any economic development organization.  Of course, I am biased.  But if these sound interesting, please contact me at 515-279-2185 or email me at  Next:  Do I have to have an annual dinner?

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