Day 88: Should I Have an Existing Business Event?

Day 88:  Should I have an Existing Business event?  Most definitely.  You could tie it into the annual meeting event I discussed on Day 87, but it would be better if you made it a standalone event.  Invite all of your businesses that are making something or providing a unique service.  It should not matter if they have two employees or 1000.  Anyone that is adding value to a product should be invited.  The overriding message should be appreciation.  Several of these businesses could be located somewhere else, so don’t ever take them for granted.  You could do awards, like largest increase in employment over the last year; largest capital investment;  something about the environment; community giving; employee benefits, etc.  Bring in a big name in the business world to speak.  This might be expensive, but it is well worth the expense.  Showing your local companies you care is very important. I t is hard to put a price tag on how important it is.Next: What should I do for my local employers?

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