Day 9: More Social Media

Day 9:  More Social Media.  Ok, this will be a short message  I am trying very hard to shorten these posts.  Lots of groups are having a tough time deciding if they should be using Facebook.  All of these apps are time killers, so you must be strategic about how you use the social media tool.  If you are a chamber of commerce being on Facebook is a must.  You can post your events, show pictures of your events, etc.  If you are an economic development organization, you may want to show pretty pictures of the community.  Use Facebook as a sales tool.  Or, you can use it as an informational tool.  Post articles on Facebook, upcoming events, or board actions.  As I mentioned before you must post regularly.  You can pay someone like Shelly Turner or hire a high school student.  You need to find someone that will focus on keeping the information current and interesting.

Using all these tools will get you noticed by the search engines and keep you and your organization on top.  Next: Take care of what I got.

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