Day 91: How Quickly Should I Respond to Email?

Day 91:  How quickly should I respond to email?:  I am taking a break today to talk about my pet peeve.  Every day I call and send emails to prospective clients (communities) and I am lucky if I get a response from 30%.  I respond to every person that either emails me or calls me within 24 hours.  I don’t care if it is a salesperson or my wife.  Everyone should be shown respect and common courtesy.  If I am not interested in what the person is emailing me, I just say.  “I don’t have a need for your services/product.”  Just be professional.  If you really don’t have a need ask them to take you off of their list.  I am certainly not offended or hurt when someone tells me that.   I appreciate the honesty.  I am shocked how many never respond.  Here is an interesting blog that came across my email yesterday,  Click here.   I hope this does not come across as whining.  I don’t mean to be.  There are things I could whine about, but won’t.  Since this blog is intended to help the economic development professional, today I am hopefully reminding you to respond to all emails sooner rather than later and be a professional. Next: Existing Business continued.

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