Day 94: E-Newsletters

Day 94:  E-Newsletters.  In most cases this is an every month occurrence.  E-Newsletters.  Some view them as extra work.  I know I don’t particularly enjoy them, but they are necessary.  I also know that the open rate is not that good.  And how many of you have board members that ask you about something that was in the newsletter so they obviously didn’t read it.  I know it is discouraging.  But,  there are a handful that does read them.  Make the information interesting.  Try to break some sort of news in them.  Something that maybe no one has heard about.  That is hard to do, but make the effort.  I am certainly not all that good at writing them, and you aren’t either and can afford it, hire someone to do it for you.  Great communication is the key to your success.  Next:   A great success story.

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