Day 95: A Great Success Story

Day 95:  A great success story: Last week I attended our state conference.  The entire afternoon of the conference was called a Bar Camp.  I’m sure most of you know what a Bar Camp is.  I was very disappointed it did not include alcohol or tents!  It is where someone spur of the moment picks a topic and shares it with the group.  To our surprise one of our client communities (population 4,000) had signed up and was going to talk about their successes.  We played a small part in their success.  We, of course, went to hear what she had to say.  We helped them with a process they had called, Good To Great.  Yes. They stole it from the book.  But before we started working with them, they had formed groups and interviewed many of the locals and visited like sized communities.  We were hired to come in and help them on how to proceed.  We met with the group and prioritized some of their projects.  We came up with a couple of our own.  One of the projects I had suggested.  Whenever we have a client that has a river running through the community I encourage them to really look hard at the river and see if they are missing opportunities.   For some reason when a community has a lake they always build amenities around the lake.  Rivers, they seem to ignore.  Sure, rivers flood.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t build amenities that withstand flooding.  In our report I had suggested they look at some sort of river trail that included white water rafting.  They have a lake to the north and a lake to the south.  Both are attached by the river.  I would guess there is twenty miles of river.  So they are currently in the process of building a white water feature in the river within the city limits.  They have also added some nice parks with playground equipment.  They are now looking at building features the entire length of the river between the lakes.  But, there is nothing more pleasing to me, than to see our client follow through on an idea we generated.  Next:  How can I plan?

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