Day 97: A Cool New Tool

Day 97:  A cool new tool.  Since I started writing this blog earlier in the year, I had listed some must need tools.  The world does not stop, nor do new products.  A recent new tool which is offered by Google is called Google Hangout.  This is really a very nice tool for conferencing.  It is free.  It is good quality and it has some awesome features.  I like to bring these sorts of tools to your attention.  You can do the conference call on the fly.  It is video, but you can just do voice.  You must have a Gmail account for it to work and a registered Google + account.  You show your screen to the participants, you can give a full presentation.  It is sort of like Skype, but it integrates more of your computer tools.  There are even some fun special effects.  Try it.  Next:  Have I updated my data?

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