ED Lead Tracker


ED Lead Tracker is an all new CRM for economic developers, designed by economic developers.
Built from the ground up with you in mind. ED Lead Tracker is a modern, web based, mobile friendly, system designed to be affordable, simple and powerful.




Track the details of all your projects with forms designed specifically for economic developers. Our project tracking system will let you manage relevant information from the smallest projects to the largest.


Generate pertinent data that will wow your board. View real time visualizations about your most important information directly in your browser, and export customized reports in both a graphical PDF or as XLS data.


Keep track of scattered meetings and encounters members of your team have with prospects and clients. The full team transparency of our system makes it easy to see notes about a lunch another team member had with a client. Activities allow you to track happenings before they’re part of a specific project, and also can easily assign them to a specific project.


A simple task manager allows team members to quickly assign and track things that need to get done. Updating progress allows everyone in the organization to see if everything is getting done, or if anything is slipping between the cracks.


Simple file storage allows you to quickly store, and associate files to projects. This makes it easy for anyone on the team to quickly find and reference necessary files while workingon a project.

Create simple to-do tasks for the team to stay on track. Assign tasks to other team members or yourself, update progress, and receive email reminders.


Maintain detailed records of everybody your organization interacts with. Import your existing contacts through Excel or automatically sync to Outlook and selectively choose which contacts you want to import.


Manage detailed records of sites and buildings, with all the important information already set up and ready to manage. Import existing data from Excel or from LOIS


Keep your team organized and informed by having everyone BCC emails into the system. By assigning emails to contacts and projects you can maintain a clean history of communication that will boost your productivity and increase your overall success.



Trusted and Secure Cloud Infrastruture, Encrypted Data, Role Management, Optional Two-factor Authentication, and more!


Who is ED Lead Tracker for?


Small organizations looking for an affordable, simple system that doesn’t bind them to an
enterprise-priced product.


Organizations that already have an existing CRM but find themselves continuously customizing their system to meet the needs of economic development data. Let ED Lead Tracker augment your core CRM system. Let our system and custom-designed forms be a valuable sidecar to the existing workflow you already have in motion.


Power users looking for something that better fits their needs. Although simple to use, ED Lead Tracker’s ground up design has allowed us to build great power behind the scenes. The designed modularity and scalability of our system allows us to build a wide range of custom features and integrations for your unique needs