Branding and Marketing

When people think of brands, they often think of logos or slogans. A brand is much more than a symbol. It reflects a much broader image. In the same way a brand helps companies communicate what a product or service stands for, it can help communicate the distinctive assets of a place, bringing together diverse parts into a simple, cohesive communications platform.

Branding strategy
The goal in developing the Community brand is to ensure that the community creates a positive image … owns a position in the minds of target audiences around the country … around the world … that gives the area a competitive edge.

The chart above provides the steps involved in developing a successful brand … consistency in messaging and visual language through all brand channels is crucial to success.

A brand promise is as good as its ability to deliver on it. The brand is delivered through behavior, and it is this behavior that delivers the brand experience — which is essentially what the brand is all about.

In the process of developing the brand strategy, we seek to define what it is that makes you Community different and what it is that’s relevant and appealing to those who make site selection decisions.