Entrepreneurial Ecosystem-Powered by Evisthrive

Evisthrive is a proven, successful entrepreneurial “ecosystem” community platform. You may ask…. how does the term “ecosystem” relate to economic development? Every community has an ecosystem that is unique to the “nature” of the area but very few communities have an ecosystem designed to grow and nurture entrepreneurs. The term “ecosystem” commonly refers to a system involving the interaction between living entities and their physical environment. A functioning ecosystem nurtures and supports growth and vitality at all stages of natural interactions.

A sustainable “entrepreneurial ecosystem” will nurture growth companies if it is designed to support entrepreneurs from “end to end”. Many communities have developed or adopted entrepreneurial initiatives that assist some promising companies at various stages but very few communities have adopted an approach which nurtures the company at all stages of their path to success.  Evis Consulting, a Kansas City-based entrepreneur-led consulting firm, has developed Evisthrive, the nation’s first comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem platform that delivers a full array of features, some of which are highlighted below:

  • It utilizes community leaders and entrepreneurs in well-defined coordination roles to set up the ecosystem;
  • It is designed to be sustainable because it generates revenue;
  • Participating entrepreneurs are guided through an experience-based online learning platform to achieve objectives;
  • It delivers end-to-end analytics on the progress of participating entrepreneurs;
  • It will deliver clear economic development results in the 1st 130 days.

Evis Consulting provides the Evisthrive turnkey program to communities in partnership with Smart Solutions Group (SSG), a Des Moines-based economic development consulting firm, who has served over 400 development clients since the company began just over 10 years ago. The Evis and SSG team combines proven entrepreneurial experience with strategic economic development consulting expertise and guarantees an effective implementation process.

The Evisthrive entrepreneurial ecosystem product is an end-to-end platform designed to guide a community and entrepreneurs to success. Evis and SSG will deliver to client communities the following:

  • Consultation on establishing the organizational team and recruiting volunteer leadership;
  • Complete training for volunteer coordinators;
  • Public relations support materials to promote the program;
  • A full website to promote the program and support coordinators and participating entrepreneurs;
  • A process to integrate resource providers, coaches and mentors into the ecosystem;
  • A revenue –generating model that will sustain the program long term;
  • A capital access model for participating entrepreneurs as well as community-business networking event designs;
  • An experience-based online learning platform to guide entrepreneurs to growth;
  • Establishment of metrics and automated reporting to track business through growth cycles.

The Evisthrive process will be uniquely branded to each community/area’s entrepreneurial focus as can be seen in Lee’s Summit (www.boostleessummit.com) and Blue Springs (www.growbluesprings.com), Missouri. The cost of the program is based on the size of the community/area. However, the revenue-generating feature generally leads to a self-sustaining program within 2 years.