Virtual Building –Smart Sites

Constructing a spec building consumes valuable resources – time and money – of an economic development organization. Smart Solutions Group (SSG) has developed the Virtual Spec Building and Smart Site Program that enables a prospect to easily visualize a building on a specific site, and this requires far less resources than building an actual spec building. Besides lower cost, this Program offers other significant advantages over constructing a spec building:

  • Quickly and cost-effectively modify the building design to meet the specific needs of the buyer
  • Design a building for placement on a specific site or several sites
  • An interactive computer tool that can be used to show prospects the availability of the skilled workers in your region that meet their specific employment needs
  • Buyer can select the contractor to build the building

Since companies generally want to occupy the building as quickly as possible, a construction timetable will be developed that indicates potential completion of the construction and occupancy of the building within six months. As part of this program, a Marketing Plan will be developed to create awareness and generate leads.

Working with SSG on this program is JEO Consulting, an engineering design firm that is a strategic alliance partner of Smart Solutions Group. JEO and SSG will work with your economic development organization to develop the design of a building suitable for one of your target markets such as Manufacturing, Warehousing, Finance/Insurance, and Data Centers. JEO will develop a 3-dimensional rendering of the building and an aerial fly-over view that shows the building on your building site.