Skills Ready workforce products—skills availability online model/skills ready market profile

A key question asked by economic development prospects and site selection consultants is, “Does your area have the skilled labor that we need for our project?” Smart Solutions Group has developed a web-based model that will provide a comprehensive answer to this question. The Skills Ready Model is easy to use and includes employment and wage information by occupation for your labor market.

Skills Ready Model

To access the Model, the prospect or consultant will click on a link on your website. The Model will ask them to select the industry sector for this project and to enter the number of employees by job title based on the Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system. Or you can enter the project information for them or you can create your own project scenarios for use in marketing programs. Based on the job information that is entered, a report is generated and sent almost immediately that shows the following information:

  • the number of workers by occupation needed for the project
  • the number of workers in the labor market that are employed in each of the occupations
  • for each of the occupations, the number of workers that have skills compatible to
  • the occupation
  • wage information by occupation for your labor market, state, and the nation

To see a model in action, check out Cedar Valley Alliance

Skills Ready Profile

To detail the workforce in your labor market, a report is developed that details the total labor market as well as the skilled workers in your target industry sectors. The Skills Ready Profile reports the historical trends and future projections. The Profile includes employment, unemployment, and wage information on your total labor market. In addition, detailed employment, growth, and wage information for the occupations in your target industry segments are included. The Profile can be placed on your economic development website and/or printed for distribution.

A large utility company serving Missouri and Illinois, Ameren, recently asked us to develop some reports that they provide to their communities.  Here is a sample report:  AnyAmeren Region – Workforce Profile – Sample – Copy

Skills Ready Gap Analyis

• This report identifies the Occupations in a Target Industry with largest Skill Gaps (Completions minus Openings) using current data
• Completions are the Number of Degrees and Certificates awarded in educational programs that prepare a student for the Occupation
• Openings are the Projected Number of New Jobs plus the Number of Replacements (for workers that retire, move to another occupation, relocate to another labor market, or leave the occupation for another reason)
• For each Occupation, the report also shows the Employment History and Projections, Employment Growth, and Earnings per Worker for the Target Industry
• In addition, Number of Jobs and Earnings per Worker for each Occupation are shown
• Potential strategies are shown for mitigating Skill Gaps in key Occupations
• Benefits
o Focuses the attention of all stakeholders in talent development on the Occupations with the greatest Skill Gaps
o Provides possible strategies for mitigating the Skill Gaps
o Aids in identifying action plans for mitigating the Gaps

Wage & Salary Report

• This is a report that shows Employment and Earning per worker with comparisons with the state and U.S. for all SOC occupations (nearly 800) in the Labor Market using current data
• This report will be published in Excel so that the economic developers can cut and paste information in this report into a presentation, proposal, or another report
• Benefits to Economic Developers
o Information in the Report can be cut and pasted into proposals, marketing collaterals, and presentations
o Provide quick response to queries on jobs and wages on any industry in the Labor Market
o Can be shown to businesses during Synchronist interviews to help employers see how their wages compare with the wages in the Labor Market, state, and nation

Other Skills Ready

In addition, Smart Solutions Group offers two products that assist your organization and stakeholders in assessing the labor market and in developing a plan to up-skill your workforce to meet the needs of your current employers and prospect companies in your target industries:

Workforce Competitive Analysis 

• This report compares a region (multi-county, MSA, or state) with competing regions based on 10 workforce factors for a Target Industry
• A rating system is used to compare the regions and to determine the scores and a rank order for the regions
• Benefits
o Can be used in marketing
o Provides information for assessing your industry’s strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition

Strategic Roadmap – we will facilitate the development of a plan with your stakeholders that will include strategies and programs to provide skilled workers for your employers and prospects in your target industries.  For additional information please visit the Skills Ready website.

Download an informational PDF here.   US – Skilled Worker Shortage – email