PR and Media Relations

Our team of experts can assist you on a variety of public relations fronts to keep public opinion positive for your community. Here are our services:

Strategic Counsel

An annual public relations plan helps guide the decisions and strategies you’ll make throughout the year. Instead of being in reactionary mode, you’re a position of strength and on the offense with a proactive plan in place for a disciplined approach to community events, fundraising requests or hot button issues.

We can help you …

  • Develop a public relations plan
  • Create key messages
  • Determine measurements for success


Media Outreach

Whether you’re ready to give media good news about your community or you have to deliver the bad news, ongoing relationship building with reporters is critical. Don’t simply react, manage the issue and your message in a strategic manner that gives you control of what you need to communicate. You can choose to hide from the media or take a proactive approach that turns you into a valued, trusted source for journalists.

We can help you …

  • Develop earned media strategies, key audience identification and media targets
  • Research and write news releases
  • Create media lists
  • Distribute news releases
  • Craft your story for the media, pitch it and follow up
  • Cultivate ongoing relationships with media


Content Creation

Consistent, clear messages are extremely important but often overlooked. In today’s digital age, all the world’s become a writer but not all writing is worth reading. With all the platforms for your message, coordination of that message in understandable language that educates, informs and even persuades is vital.

We can help you …

  • Write content for your website
  • Develop blog posts
  • Write a speech or talking points for speaking engagements
  • Create talking points or key messages based on a newsworthy event or issue of the day


Social Media

Public relations and social media must work together. All elements of each combine to reflect your community’s brand and public perception. Social media and PR messages need to be cohesive. What are the top four messages you are communicating right now? Timely, consistent key messaging will drive much of what you do in the public relations arena.

We’ll develop cohesive, one-voice editorial content for all your social media channels (delete this — newly created or currently in existence), and update as requested.

We can help you …

  • Manage your brand on Facebook
  • Write and schedule Tweets
  • Respond to community complaints
  • Create a Google+ hangout
  • Manage content on YouTube


Crisis Communication

When a crisis strikes, you want to be prepared. Putting thoughts on paper and plans in place will save you huge headaches down the road. Each crisis is different and so are the players in each community. Yet there are fundamentals elements that apply in any crisis and when properly prepared, become invaluable resources when time is of the essence. We’ll help you tailor a crisis communications plan that will leave you with an all-important peace of mind.

We can help you …

  • Create a crisis plan
  • Manage a crisis
  • Develop resources at the ready for a crisis
  • Mitigate the damage