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Impact DataSource is an Austin, Texas-based economic consulting, research and analysis firm.
We specialize in economic and fiscal impact analysis and helping communities make good decisions on the use of economic development incentives. We have developed an efficient system for preparing timely, affordable and comprehensive economic impact analyses, having conducted 2,500 analyses of firms, projects, new subdivisions and other development activities in 26 states. . Our firm has completed economic analyses for several successful regional center projects under the USCIS EB-5 program.

In addition, Impact DataSource has prepared and customized over 50 economic and fiscal impact models for its clients to perform their own analyses of economic development projects.  These clients include the New Mexico Economic Development and the Metro Orlando (Florida) Economic Development Commission. We recently completed a joint project in Waterloo, Iowa.  TechWorks Feasibility Study – 12-4-14


Techworks Feasibility