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How is your community doing?  Before any planing begins, you must know your product.  We will provide a report such as this: Western Iowa Area Development – Economy_Overview  to help you begin your planning process.  This data will be the beginning of our discussions.

Skills Ready Assessment – a detailed analysis of the region’s demographics and workforce that assesses historic employment trends and growth projections by industry and occupation, and major issues facing your labor market are identified. To see a sample of our Skills Ready Profile click Muhlenberg Co. Adv. Mfg Profile Strategic Roadmap – we will facilitate…

JEO SmartSites can help you determine if you need to improve your infrastructure in you community. We will look at your targeted industries and make sure you have the right tools to entice these businesses to your area.

With the help of our site selection partner, JEO, we can give you advice on the best sites and if you have competitive available space.