Day 104: If I Were To Do One Thing Today, What Would It Be?

Day 104:  If I were to do one thing today, what would it be?  Hmm.  There are so many right answers.  But, I am going with the philosophical answer (probably because I attended a church retreat this weekend).  During this retreat, I had some time to think about my priorities.  For me they are God, Family, Friends, Work.  What would your order be?  I don’t mean to be religious, but my religion plays an important role in my life, so that is why God comes first.  But for me, work comes last.  “But Clark, if you aren’t working you can’t provide for your family.” You say.  That is right, and money is a constant issue for me probably because I don’t make it my top priority.  But, I can’t take money with me when I die.  And, money won’t be there for me when I have a catastrophe in my life, which we will al have at least once, if not more.  My family and friends are always there for me.  So, I ask you to set your priorities today.  I’m not going to tell you there is a right priority.  But, if you pick working first, I’m guessing in the long haul you will not be a very happy person when you retire.  Next:  Distracted again?

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