Day 105: Distracted Again?

Day 105:  Distracted again?  It is so easy to get distracted during the work day.  I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.  So, I promise I won’t keep harping on this.  It’s probably more for me than you.  It’s all about a plan.  If you have a great plan than you should have a hard time with distractions.  Every day should be spent moving towards the completion of the plan.  Have you scheduled existing business calls, have you planned your marketing activities for the day?  Are there people you should be meeting for lunch or breakfast that will help you with your plan?  None of these activities require working on the internet.  Create blocks of time every day based on the different action items in your plan.  Stay focused.  It’s hard.  But that is the only way to succeed.  Next:  What do you do when someone lets you down?

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