DAY 127: Help Is On the Way!

Day 127:  Help is on the way!  As I have stated a few times before, you are typically the only person in your community that does what you do.  So, you have to rely on others to help you get the job done.  In the economic development community, there seems to be some resistance to bring in outside help.  Sure, I am biased in thinking that consultants can help you.  But they can.  And, they are typically worth every penny.  We have several in our industry that I think may be a little overpriced.  Our philosophy is to develop a great plan, but to save money so the plan can be implemented.  A very good example to use is our firm, Smart Solutions Group.  The three partners each have around thirty years in the business.  Stop and think about that.  We have, “been there, done that.”  We also have worked with over 400 economic development and chamber organizations.  Stop and think about that.  That’s a big number.  We can draw from all of these experiences.  Recently an exec that just left his job in a community, told me he was just going to take the plan we had developed and use it in his next community.  I told him good luck.  Our plans are specific to the community.  Of course we always emphasize a strong business retention and expansion program and marketing plan.  But after that each community has different challenges.  And certainly each community has different strengths, which we try to build upon.

So a great example is a recent client in a rural area, was having difficulty finding an exec.  We met with them and suggested we do an organizational analysis.   After we held several interviews we came back with recommendations to reorganize and energize the board.  We then developed a strategic plan.  Based on the plan they then hired us to complete an executive search.  We found them several candidates and they picked a wonderful exec.  We saved them a lot of time and were able to give them sound advice because of our many years in the business.  So, when you are stuck, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Next:  Is economic development dead?

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