Day 17: What Marketing Materials Do I Need?

Day 17:  What marketing materials do I need?  I could write a book about this topic.  I probably will discuss this point on many other days.  The questions we get asked a lot by our clients, is printed or not printed.  We say both.  We don’t say it because we are trying to be wishy washy.  You must use online marketing.  As I will mention many times, you must spend a lot of time on your website.  It is the front door to your community.   I heard Bob Ady say many times in recent years, that it used to be he didn’t consider a community if they didn’t have a land site.  Now, he said (God rest his soul)  I won’t consider your community if you don’t have a website.   I will spend more time on the website too.  Certainly you should have a great online newsletter that is sent out in some frequency.  You should also have a flash drive that you can hand out that has documents and video showing off your community on the flash drive. 

We also feel you should have a printed piece.  Something you can mail or leave with a company talking about the great things happening in your community or region.  We will get into marketing campaigns in a later date.  But you definitely need a piece both online and in print that highlights your economic development activities.  Next: Do I need research?

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