Day 31: How Do I Ask For a Raise?

Day 31:  How do I ask for a raise?  Now if you started on the job the same time I started this blog you probably should not ask for a raise after being there only 31 days!  But, if you have been on the job for over a year, a raise is something to consider.  In our profession, several of the economic development professionals in larger cities have multi-year contracts with pay outs if they are fired.  If you can get a contract, go for it.  But the contract can be a turn off to some areas.  The key is to ask to have goals, objectives, and measurable that you will be judged on at the end of the year.  Some examples would be:  managing the budget, x number of BR&E visits made; growing membership; successful projects.  The important thing is to have measurable that you have control over.  You don’t have control how many jobs are created.  You don’t have control over how many prospects come to town.  You influence these things but you have no control.  Set your goals and work the goals and you will find a salary increase every year.  But you will need to ask for it.  Typically the best way is to discuss it with the Board President and the executive committee and let them make the recommendation.  You could suggest that they just build in an automatic increase if you meet your goals each year.  Cost of everything goes up every year.  If you are doing your job, your salary should go up too!  Next:  How important is a regional group?

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