Day 32: How Important is a Regional Group?

Day 32:  How important is a regional group?  If you are already involved with a regional group or you are a regional group you know the answer that it is very important to be part of a regional group.  There have been regional groups in some areas of the country for many years.  It is not a new concept but the concept is not yet universal in the country.

If our clients are local communities we tell them they must first make sure they have a good local product and focus their attention on improving the community first.  Do you have the needed infrastructure, do you have developed sites, do you have a targeted industry list, etc?   To be an effective player in a region you must know what your local capabilities are and then you can communicate those capabilities to your region.  Joining a region must be a win/win.  Your local community must benefit from belonging.  There are lots of ways to benefit such as access to better marketing, research, funding and staff.

We recently helped a smaller local community become a part of a large metro area.  The large metro organization takes a great view on their smaller neighbors and the importance they bring to a region, such as cheap and abundant land.  In this case the local exec will physically work in the metro office a few days/week and be a part of the staff.  They also get to use the research and graphic department when they are responding to prospects.  It is a great model.  As with several other of the points I have tried to make, cooperation is key and collaborating regional can only help the local community.  Be a team player.  Next:  How do we handle CAVE people?

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