Day 33: How Do I Handle the CAVE People?

Day 33:  How do I handle CAVE people?  I’m sure most of you know CAVE is an acronym for Citizens Against Virtually Everything.  Every community has them.  The first thing to do is to realize that they are good to have in a community.  They will challenge you.  But when you are planning for a big project, you should always plan for the CAVE people too.  Ask yourself, what will be the objections?  The other day when I was driving to my Uncles funeral, I saw a whole lot of signs against a “regional” airport.  I don’t know the details at all, but I saw a whole lot of signs stating that taxes were going up.  “Just say NO to the Airport” and “Do you want higher taxes?  NO Airport!”

Again, I have no idea what this was all about as it was in a community about an hour outside the metro area.  But, based on the number of signs, I would guess that they were going to vote on a bond referendum to improve the local airport.  Maybe it needs to be improved.  Maybe it doesn’t.  But what struck me was that I saw absolutely no signs in support.  So, this tells me the sponsoring governmental entity most likely was not expecting this kind of response.  The best way to deal with CAVE people is to be prepared.  Do your homework and work off of the facts.  Whatever you do, don’t make up something.  CAVE people are serious about killing projects, and they will do their homework.  So like a good Scout, Be prepared.  Next:  Why do I have to know about my properties?

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