Day 47: Studying

Day 47:  Studying    Successful organizations place a high priority on current, comprehensive data and analysis that defines your “product” and will meet the needs of potential prospects.  I have not talked much about data.  But having complete data on your community is a must!  Sure, the site selectors purchase their own data when they are completing their due diligence.  But the small business owner and existing industry may not have access to this sort of data.  Having great data also will provide you useful information when identifying strengths of the community.  There are lots of great free websites for free data.  The Census Bureau has a treasure trove of data.  It can be a little daunting to navigate through.  C2ER has some great information including a cost of living report.  Indiana STATS is one of my favorite sites.  They present the data in an easy to find format.  Great data means a great economic development organization.  Next: Training


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