Day 58: BEST PRACTICES Reviewed

Day 58:  BEST PRACTICES reviewed.  We have completed the BEST PRACTICES study over the last thirteen days.  While these topics are extremely important there is no replacement for good old fashioned hard work.  I guess I am showing my age, but hard work will always be the differentiator in success in economic development.  In this field you are normally judged by the last location you had in your community.  If you have never had a location, I would argue you aren’t working hard enough.  Helping an existing business expand counts in my book, so I would encourage you to set a private personal goal of x number of expansions or new business.  “But Clark, we can’t control what companies do.”  If you truly feel that way, than get out of the business.  You can influence what businesses do.  But it takes very hard work.   Next: A prospect is visiting

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