Day 71: Are My Board Meetings Productive?

Day 71:  Are my board meetings productive?  Times have changed.  It used to be that people that committed to serving on a board actually served on a board.  For some reason, boards are having problems getting people to attend on a regular basis.  Part of it is because both spouses now work outside the home, both spouses are much more involved in their family and people are working longer and harder.  So, it is imperative to make your board meetings interesting.  Of course, when you are following your plan, it is much easier to make the meetings interesting.   Plan your agenda around your plan.  When  your organization is getting things done, it impels people to be more committed to your board.  The other key way to keep attendance up is to give board members tasks.  Take items from your plan and assign board members to help complete these items.  For instance if you plan calls for developing that closing cash I discussed in an earlier day, then ask a couple of board members to develop a plan to raise the funds.  This would be a great task for one of your business owners on the board and a banker to develop.  Don’t feel alone if you are having trouble with board attendance.  We are seeing it everywhere.  But you need to work a little harder to get their attention in this busy world.  Next:  Is learning important?

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