Day 75: How Do We Get Eveyone to Work Together?

Day 75:  How do we get everyone to work together?  I have absolutely no idea!  If I did I wouldn’t be writing a blog every day that is not being read by anyone.  (Ok, I know at least a couple people are reading it.  Love you Mom!)  It is unfortunate but someone is always unhappy about something.  Lot’s of times it is just in their genes.  They just can’t be happy.  My advice is please don’t spend a lot of time trying to make them happy.  You will be using up valuable energy that should be used to do positive things.  If your organization has a strong mission and that mission includes creating wealth for your citizens and you are showing tangible steps to do that, you will make most everyone in the community happy.  It’s really that simple.  The hard part is making is happen.  But pretty much everyone, unless they are communist, likes it when everyone is succeeding and making money.  In our capitalist society that is normally a good thing.  Let’s say you have a project that will improve your downtown such as a streetscape or new apartments or retail.  The first thing to do is plan for these.  In the planning stage you should allow for public input.  Aggressively market the meeting(s).  The naysayers will have the opportunity to express their opinion.  Lots of times they may even have some good ideas and valid concerns.  Use these ideas, listen to the concerns.  If they felt they were allowed to be a part of the process, the project will be approved with little fanfare.  Try to involve everyone on an important project.

But there are sometimes special interests and negative folks get too much attention.  They are just wrong.  If you have strong leaders they will tell them what is wrong with their thought process and move on to make the right decisions.  You can’t make everyone happy.  But you can be happy knowing you put together an inclusive process and did the right thing.  Next:  Where do I find good volunteers?

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