Day 76: Where Do I Find Good Volunteers?

Day 76:  Where do I find good volunteers?  It is getting harder and harder to find people that are committed to volunteering.  We all know there are many reasons; working longer and harder; both spouses work outside the home; too much information is being thrown at us every day.  But in the economic development and Chamber of Commerce world, it really should not be all that hard to get great volunteers because there are good sound business reasons for them to belong.  In fact, you know you are doing a great job when people are clamoring to be on your board.  We think you need to ask the busiest person because they tend to be the best board members. They are well connected, respected, manage their time well and probably have a good skill set that you need on the board.  I discussed in a very early blog, on Day 3, about who you should meet with when you first come to town.  These same folks should be on your board or at least ask them who they would suggest be on your board.  The best source of volunteers are either from committee’s or task forces within your organization.  If you don’t have committees or some task forces, then set some up.  There is plenty for them to do.  Also, see who the leaders are in other organizations and if they are in business, ask them to serve on the board.  I do feel you need to have people in business on your board.  Preferably the top person or owner.  Next:  What make a utility a great economic development partner?

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