Day 87: Do I Need to Have an Annual Dinner?

Day 87:  Do I need to have an annual dinner?  When I writing a blog for every day of the work week for a year,  I will end up talking about pretty much everything.  Most of you have written in your by-laws to have an annual meeting.  This meeting can just be a normal monthly board meeting that you identify as your annual meeting, or it can be a big affair, or something in between.  I would encourage you to try to make this a big deal.  Economic development is a big deal in a community or region, so make this a nice classy event.  One of our regional clients is having their annual meeting over lunch.  There speakers will be the Governor and the Director of the state economic development department.  Now that makes the annual meeting a pretty big deal.  It is a six county region.  They will highlight the years successes and discuss the plans for the following year.  This luncheon or dinner is a great way to toot your horn.  With the Governor coming there will definitely be media in attendance.  But even if you don’t get a high level dignitary, make sure you invite the media to the event.  You also should invite all your stakeholders and partners to this event.  Have a nice PowerPoint or Prezi to show and a good master of ceremony.  Yes, you should have some sort of annual meeting that allows you to tell the people who care what you have been up to.  Next:  Should I have an Existing Business event?

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