Day 93: Existing Business Continued

Day 93:  Existing Business continued:  I have so many great stories I can’t decide which ones are best to share.  When I first started in this business, I had a company that was very successful, locally owned and employed about 300 people.  The owners sold out to a competitor.  We immediately scheduled a trip to meet the new owners which was also owned by a family, but just a bigger company.  We are pretty sure they were thinking about closing down our plant and moving everything to their home plant.  They had grown up in that community and were very loyal.  But about six months after we visited the new owners they contacted me and said they wondered if there were any incentives they could get if they expanded the plant in our town.  They said after we left they realized no one from their local economic development organization had ever stepped foot in their facility.  They were impressed that we took the time to visit with them and share how great our community and state was and that we were there to help them grow.  It was a simple thing we did.  But very important and impactful.  Next:  E-Newsletters

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