Day 99: If I Have a Plan, Should I Follow It?

Day 99:  If I have a plan, should I follow it?  Now this may seem to be the most idiotic question a person can ask.  But, like my comment yesterday, you would be shocked how many organizations pay for a firm to do a strategic plan and turn around and never look at it again.  Okay, maybe you wouldn’t be.  I have heard several organizations blame the consultant.  Since I am one, I could come to their defense, but I won’t.  It could be a terrible plan.  That is partly the consultants fault but the client should always push back.  But not following the plan, is no ones fault but the leadership of the organization.  The board and the staff should build everything they do around the plan.  At the monthly meetings, progress of the plan should be discussed.  Communication should be sent out when activities are completed on the plan, etc.  A good strategic plan is a roadmap.  You have to follow a map to figure out where you are going!  Next:  Workforce

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