Day 40: Is There Help Out There to Build an Entrepreneurial Environment?

Day 40:  Is there help out there to build an entrepreneurial environment?  Yes,  we can help you.  Sorry to be so blatant.  But we looked far and wide for a system that we thought would help our clients.  We found it in a program called Evisthrive, .  We are excited about what this program can do for a community.  As of writing this, we have five communities that are in various stages of using this system:,,, and  (this site was not yet live as of this blog post).  All of these communities are feeling the energy and excitement this program is bringing to them.  This program offers two simple methods.  One is a one of kind online software that assists a small business in starting up or growing their business.  The second piece is actually building a system that will grow the small business community.  It does this by providing a step by step program which requires finding nine high energy volunteers.  The results have been amazing.  Next:  What kind of small business do we want?

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