Day 61: Following Up With the Prospect

Day 61:  Following up with the prospect.  As with any sales call, follow-up is critical.  Any time a prospect visits there will be additional information they will request because there are always items they will bring up and you won’t have an answer.  The ideal situation is to have all the answers, but most of the time you won’t.  So, you must follow-up with them ASAP with the answers they are looking for.  If you can get them the answer before they leave that is even better.  But the great thing about providing answers after the visit is it allows you another chance to connect with them.  Give them the information and thank them for visiting.  An email follow-up is the norm now.  But a hand written thank you is a very nice touch if you have their address.   While we are an electronic world, you stand out if you send a good old fashioned hand written thank you note.  Next:  Do I need a cash fund?

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