Day 130: Where Do I Tell My Story?

Day 130: Where do I tell my story?  Social media is always a great idea.  I have touched on that on Days 7, 8, 9, 52, 84, 85, 94, 110 .  So certainly take advantage of all the social media avenues.  But success stories such as an existing business expansion should be told in your local media as well.  It is very important to build a good rapport with your local newspaper and radio.  I would suggest you meet with them quarterly.  If you are in a rural community, most newspapers and radio stations would welcome a regular column.  Also, make sure you go out and visit with the local clubs and organizations.  People love to hear and learn about how these expansions or locations took place.  You may end up telling your story to a state or national group.  Take advantage of those situations.  But the important thing is don’t let theses success stories go by and you tell no one.  Next:  Dashboards

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